About Your EFT Practitioner

Jillian has a background in nursing and was very interested in the Energy Healing methods touched on while in nursing school in the late 1990s.  Energy healing, namely EFT combined with the use of Young Living Essential Oils has become her passion and life's work.  

Traditional medicine as we know it can be very successful for some, but all too often she has seen that it is not as successful as many patients would hope for.  With a firm belief that the body was designed to heal itself, she set out to find the tools that would enable her to help herself and others support the body in its innate ability to heal.

At first glance EFT sounded crazy and looked crazy to her, but she remembered other energy healing techniques covered in nursing school that had become accepted, and with that in mind, she set out to prove or disprove its worth.  Completely inspired by the amazing and rapid benefits of both EFT and Young Living Essential Oils (especially when combined) she changed her focus, and is now a proud Certified Level 2 EFT practitioner, a graduate of International Metaphysical University.

With a passion for helping people to become their healthiest and best selves, and a huge passion for animals, she continually studies and grows in her practice. Her four fur babies and three children provide her with ample opportunities for growth and development, even while she's not working.  Jillian is a lifelong learner, and is happy to work with animals, children and adults alike.  She is always looking for challenging opportunities to continue to guide her learning.

Jillian enjoys the 'detective' part of EFT, getting to the root cause of an issue and handing her clients the tools for unleashing their best selves.  With her background in nursing, the detective role she plays can include looking at the body's physical and chemical processes if a specific diagnosis has been made by a medical doctor and if improvement seems to be slow with EFT in the usual fashion. Having a working knowledge of the physiology of the human body and incorporating that knowledge with EFT can sometimes prove successful where EFT has not been able to help the client meet their goals. Jillian is happy to communicate with other alternative practitioners or physicians, or veterinarians in the case of animals (only at client's request) to provide continuity of care for the well-being of her clients.  With these additional tools in the tool box, she is well equipped to lead you to your own healing!