EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a newer energy healing technique that offers fast and in many cases miraculous seeming results, painlessly!  

Take a few minutes to watch Gary Craig, the Founder of EFT to gain an understanding of how it works.


A cross between acupuncture and 'talk therapy', using no needles whatsoever we see rapid results for issues such as physical pain, phobias, emotional pain,  bothersome memories, general unhappiness, limiting beliefs, performance, cravings, addictions, a host of physical diagnoses and traumas, including PTSD.  It consists of tapping on end points of the meridians on the face and torso, while talking about the issue.  I employ several methods for people who are unable to even talk about their issue, so there is most certainly help for you even if you feel you can't talk about the problem you face.  We often see incredible results, even if at first you can't even discuss the problem. This is designed to be as painless as it can possibly be.  You will never be pushed to do or discuss something until you feel 100 percent ready to do so.  

One remarkable benefit of EFT is the generalization effect, whereby as you begin to eliminate some issues, many, many other issues can just seem to fade away on their own.  An example is a war veteran with hundreds of traumatic war memories that haunt him or her for years on end.  As we eliminate the emotional charge from the most traumatizing memories, even if at first they can't be verbalized, so often many others will just fall away and no longer hold a an emotional charge, without ever having 'tapped' on those specific memories.  EFT does not erase the memories, but it takes the emotional charge out of them.  I always find it miraculous how people will often see the exact same memory with totally new eyes, and see a side they have never been able to consider before.  

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones  that do.

                                                                                                             -Steve Jobs